Sinfonye Hurdy Gurdy

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Sinfonye Hurdy Gurdy

Post by CassWheatley »

Hi Folks
I have bought a hurdy gurdy for my Hubby for Christmas..... I was wondering what tuning to use please, and what the strings are..
There are 3 strings on this gurdy and 1 row of keys.

If I sit with it on my lap, handle in my right hand, I'm guessing the melody string is the one in the middle, the one that the keys hit to produce a melody.... then there is 1 above it and 1 below question is, what do I tune them too..... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Re: Sinfonye Hurdy Gurdy

Post by whirligyg »

Hi there -
Ive alerted this forum to some of my facebook friends who might know more and hopefully someone can help!

(I myself play bowed strings like medieval fiddle/rebec)

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Re: Sinfonye Hurdy Gurdy

Post by damianclarke »

Let me know if I can help. I would think all three strings would be tuned to D. The chanterelle (melody) one would be D above middle C and the Trompette (rhythm string (physically on top) would be the same so that you make chords as you play. Then the bass drone (The Bourdon, physically underneath) would be D an octave below the other two. Good luck Damian Clarke

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