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New member - medieval music

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I'm interested in getting into Medieval re-enactment as a musician. I'm a string and wind player (viol, cello, violin, double bass, flute, recorder) and I love medieval music. I've found loads of resources by scouring the internet and am now equipped with troubadour songs, estampies, salterellos and many more. My wife plays drums and we are about to start investing in some medieval instruments. So far my wish list is:

Rebec - not sure which size to go for, I'm thinking tenor, as it has more volume to it than treble, and can still project a melody, but to be fair I really want a whole set!
tabor & pipe - for Catherine
Vielle -

I've bought renaissance viols from EMS, but they're pretty expensive for rebecs etc. Any suggestions of where to buy new or any secondhand instruments, other than EMS, would be great.

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