(For Sale) Never used Longsword by Uwe (Lixa Rebellum).

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(For Sale) Never used Longsword by Uwe (Lixa Rebellum).

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Never used longsword made by Uwe Schneevoigt at Lixa Rebellum. Blunt for reenactment use. Lovely and light and fast. Has lovely red leather grip and fish-tail pommel. The leather is a bit of a lighter colour than in the photos, the light isnt great. I picked it up at a Tewkesbury a little while ago and have never used it, it has just been sat in a cupboard. It's in nearly perfect condition, some extremely minor rust on the rings on either side of the grip and a small indent in the leather.

I paid £380 for it originally. I am more than happy to consider any offers on the price, probably around £300.

Happy to post of for the buyer to collect.

More than happy to answer any questions.

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