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Late Viking / Norman Sword for sale

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2021 7:59 pm
by beerdragon
Hi for sale a Brazil Nut style reenactment sword, En45 steel Image plus a brand new leather scabbard by GDFB brown leather. Sword Made in the Czech Republic tho i dont know the name of the maker.
Overall length approx. 960 mm
Blade length approx. 798 mm
Length of the cross-guard approx. 214 mm
Blade width at the cross-guard (base) approx. 47,2 mm
Blade thickness at the cross-guard (base) approx. 5,0 mm
Blade width 10cm off the blade point approx. 25,8 mm
Blade thickness 10cm off the blade point approx. 5,0 mm
Thickness of the striking edge approx. 2,3 mm
The Point of Balance is approx. 13 cm far off the cross-guard
Weight approx. 1545 g

£150 plus PnP