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(ITEMS NOW OPEN TO OFFERS) For Sale: Medieval Reenactment Combat Kit for Sale

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 8:27 am
by lambton314
Having issues uploading photos, I am happy to send them through by private message. All prices do not include postage.

Stainless early great helm, brand new. £180

Stainless nasal helmet, brand new. £120

White padded combat gloves with leather palm, brand new. £35

Black padded combat gloves, brand new. £25

Leather collar, used two or three times but in good condition. £25

Chainmail off-cuts.

Leather combat glove with black padded mitten. Right hand only. £25

SOLD Home made padded helmet liner, new. £20

SOLD Padded hood with buckles and points for attachment to maille or helmet. £35

SOLD Short sleeveless black gambeson, used condition, up to 46cm chest, used, a bit scruffy but otherwise in good condition.