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For Sale: History stuff!

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:07 pm
by Royalist89
Having a fairly large clear out of stuff. Too much to photograph. Will list below. If interested please email me at for further photos and information!

Republican era Roman Gladius in Scabbard (mint condition deepeeka version rrp $300) £145

Hand sewn Viking Boots Size 10 £75

15th Century Black High Quality woolen hat in bentwood box to fit a 59-60cm head £100

Norman kite shield blank £50

Hand Sewn detail 15th Century Linen Gambeson in great condition and really nice shape barely worn! 38 chest and 34 waist £200

Todds Stuff Eating knife in sheath £30

Paul Binns 17th Century English Hanger in Scabbard £200

Or amazing job lot for the trader or gentleman historical entertainer with a myriad of periods to impress with only: £600 all in! (collection from Lincolnshire required)