14thC fur hoods

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14thC fur hoods

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I’m thinking of adding fur to my hood and cloak, as I have higher enough status being a surgeon.

To be authentic, do I add the fur to the outside hems of the hoods, and the outside cloak collar please?

Is it appropriate to add rabbit skins to line the inside of the cloak as well?

Need to stick to the 1300s!


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Re: 14thC fur hoods

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There are lots of medieval illustrations of cloaks fully lined with fur, showing the escutcheon of the squirrel skins variously known as vair and minever. I am not aware of any image of a fur lined hood and a quick look through costume books has not turned up any mentions of fur lined hoods.
A lot of fur was not visible when worn, it had the practical function of thermal underwear. Any fur trim shown is the interior fur lining turned out to bind the hem.
The best resource for the use of fur is:
Elspeth M Veale 1966 The English Fur Trade in the Later Middle Ages. Oxford
Not sure if it's online but might be obtained on inter library loan.

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