Fonmon Castle Medieval Fayre

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Fonmon Castle Medieval Fayre

Post by Tafskie »

New event for traders and medieval groups.

Fonmon Castle Medieval Fayre

Fonmon Castle, Barry, South Wales

22nd and 23rd August 2020

This will be their 5th medieval event since the Castle has been in new hands. The first that we are taking the lead on.

The site is undergoing major work this winter and there will be a half constructed medieval village and farm to play in and around, a fortified gateway, archery area, a small church, and slightly off era but still a feature a dinosaur park!

We will be looking to have a trading area, medieval encampment, archery tournament, armoured knights tournament and a medieval battle or two in the day. Depending on groups we may have an early and late medieval battle or a skirmish followed by a full battle.

The site is aiming to become a tourist venue and is fairly well advertised and promoted. The two events that they have already run have attracted 700 visitors for the first on a wet day and 2500 on a sunny day.

Trading pitches will be £40 for the weekend as its a newer event and we will be looking for traders with authentic or in-keeping pitches first, unfortunately there will be no option for trading marquee stalls for this event.

Reenactors wise we are mainly looking for medieval groups (Norman to 15th century) and there is a lot of potential space so we will not be as limited on numbers as other events. We will also be approaching a number of local welsh groups.

We are aware that the event is the same weekend as Bosworth and although that may mean there will be a clash for traders and reenactors, the two events are easily far enough apart to not have a clash of venues for the public.

Those who are initially interested please email or comment below.


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Re: Fonmon Castle Medieval Fayre

Post by SpudUk »

Hi Tom,

Assuming this hasn't been cancelled yet, do you have a list of the groups attending?


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