ideas for paths forward

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ideas for paths forward

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hi, i am coming to the end of a few rough years in my life. i am 27 now and im looking to the future. the one thing that has remained a consistant passion in my life has been history, i have been facinated with ww1/2 for as long as i can remember esspecialy aviation history, but basically pre 1950's i am interested, weather its military history or just day to day life/social history. im sure i am not alone on here in feeling that i was meant for a different century, and seeing as i have noone who depends on me and i am not tied down by a mortgage or anything i thought i would use the opertunity to find a job that i love.
i am based in dorset

does anyone have any ideas to throw in of professions or subjects to study/work towards?

any susgestions would be very welcome
thankyou :)

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