civil war pikemans snapsack help

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civil war pikemans snapsack help

Post by triumph81 »

Hi all
Just joined the ECWS and was after a shoulder snapsack in canvas.
Seen a few traders who do leather ones but really after a canvas one.
Any help on relevent traders who do them appreciated

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Re: civil war pikemans snapsack help

Post by Dowsabella »

Are you talking about a sausage style bag gathered at both ends? with a cross body strap? Very easy to make. Buy old wool blanket in white or grey from a charity shop. Cut rectangle of required size. fold over both short ends to make a channel and stitch. Join long ends right side together and turn right way out. Thread leather thong or linen tape through the channels and draw up tight. cut long strip of blanket to make strap to your size and attach to bag. You could also use a coarse brown linen.
If you are talking about something more like a handbag with a big flap over the top I don't think these are really authentic . Avoid cotton canvas - it wasn't around then .

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Re: civil war pikemans snapsack help

Post by SteveC »

Have you asked your regiment?
I was after one and our CO said, chose one from the stock and ask the treasurer how much.
Not that I managed to get round to doing so this summer!

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