Source of authentic quill pens

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Source of authentic quill pens

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I am looking to buy an authentically made quill pen sourced in the UK. There is an American maker who seems to make amazing pens at $9 each but his shipping costs are almost double the cost of the pen. Also, want one before Christmas.

Can anyone recommend a UK maker who sells heat-treated hand cut quill pens please.



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Re: Source of authentic quill pens

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Jorge Kelman, who used to post here as Gregory23b, still makes quill pens for school use as he buys the goose quill feathers from me. Find an old post by him and try a PM. If that gets no response, PM me and I'll give you his email address. I've plenty of quill feathers in stock @ 50p each, if you want to have a go at cutting your own. Plenty of instructions on YouTube etc.

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