Advice Needed - War of the Roses/Tudors

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Advice Needed - War of the Roses/Tudors

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Hi All,

Apologies If I have posted this in the wrong place.

My name is Scott and I could use some advice,I am not new to the site but it has been a while since I properly re-enacted, my wife Sophie and I are looking to branch out into a new era of history. I have previously been a 14th century re-enactor and Sophie is new to the life completely.

We have both discussed it and would like to branch out into the War of the Roses/Tudor time periods but don't know a lot about how to or what groups are around in our area. We are currently based in Cardiff and could use some advice on a group that we can reach out too?

Would anyone be able to point us in the direction of a good place to start as reading material so that we can get some knowledge under our belts and feel a little less silly.

Many Thanks

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Re: Advice Needed - War of the Roses/Tudors

Post by guthrie »

welcome to the forum and all that. If you search by your location, e.g. "Cardiff" in the box at top right, you've a decent chance of finding a more local group. You can also limit the search to just the Group forum.
For Wars of the Roses the main umbrella organisations that I know of are The Wars of the Roses Federation and The Medieval Siege Society. Both have web pages and facebook presence, and one way or another you can find out if they have a group near you that you can then see if you get on with.
For Tudor, there are I believe one or two small groups, but larger there is The Tudor Group, or else Kentwell Hall, which is based in an actual Tudor Manor House, but it is in Suffolk, so some distance away although people will go from Scotland and the wild parts of Wales to get there.

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