You Might Be a Re-enactor -

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You Might Be a Re-enactor -

Post by Louis »

IF your £10,000 car sits out in the weather so your £200 tent can stay in the garage

IF you drive by some open land and think, "What a great place for a Battle!"...

IF most of the clothes you own went out of style over 200 or more years ago...

IF you've made a vehicle purchase decision based on how well it can accomodate your tent poles...

IF you've ever uttered the phrase, "only 68 more days til our next event"...

IF sleeping in a leaky tent in the rain and mud is your idea of a fun Saturday night...

IF you've ever worn wool when the temperature tops 100, repeatedly...

IF there are half-completed sewing projects decorating your furniture...

IF you've ever made a career decision based on its impact on your reenacting weekends...

IF your friends refuse to attend any historic movie dramas with you

IF you can spot 100% wool at 30 yards...

IF your kids can correct their history teachers...

IF your mailman is confused as to what rank you hold in the reserves...

IF you have been asked at a gas station if you're Amish...

IF your birthday and Christmas list reads like a quartermaster's request for supplies

IF you believe that your souliers are the most comfortable shoes that you own...

IF you believe that your wig has a cooling effect for your head

IF you are watching a historical movie and you are more interested in the clothes than in the plot and more in the back ground scenery than in the main actors.

IF you want to portray Young Guard and you are obese and the age of 60 plus.

IF you want to portray Old Guard but are a gangly youth of 15 who cant hold his musket properly.

If you want to portray a cantiniere and refuse to shave off your moustache.

IF you are a girl who regularly sleeps in a small tent with at least 4 men and.....nothing happens!!!

IF you are a woman and the thought of having to wear a white silk dress fills you with horror

IF the site of a Cuirassier on a horse keeps your fantasies fuelled for weeks!

IF you find you can say "one large beer please" in 6 different languages

IF your sun tan only includes your hands and your nose

IF you can think of more than 4 uses for vaseline

IF a concrete slab looks like a possible bed

IF a handful of bread looks like a feast and the possibility of jam on it seems heaven sent

IF you are prepared to knock on a strangers door and ask for water for your barrell

IF you find yourself storing pieces of bread in your bag incase you don't get any later

IF your PC background is not Pamela Anderson but an event photo

IF when you meet a very nice girl and you try not to go out with
her but with her boyfriend to get a new recruit
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Post by Annis »

Ha Ha! so true! I love it!

Annis x
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Post by lidimy »

very funny!

i pass some of them, what a relief...

lidi :)
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