Mobile Strike Forces in Vietnam 1966-70

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Mobile Strike Forces in Vietnam 1966-70

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Gordon L. Rottman. Consultant editor Dr. Duncan Anderson. Isbn 978-1-84603-139-7. Osprey publications (part of the Battle Orders series) published 2007.
In direct contrast to the last Osprey book I read and reviewed this was a mammoth challenge to tea and understand. The author served with US Special Forces in Vietnam and has a love of military acronyms. I understand this as a former service man myself but the constant need to check the glossary to work out what a MGF or LLDB was really slowed down and curbed my ability to digest what he was writing about. It was not helped by the poor layout with the text working around tables, charts and photos that hindered rather than enhanced my understanding.
This is a book for the geeky know it alls, however I doubt they would need to tea it.

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