The Ravens

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The Ravens

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Pilots if the Secret War in Laos. Christopher Robbins, Asia Books 3rd Edition 2001, isbn 974-8303-41-1.
The story of the cherry picked pilots who flew as forward air control for the CIA organized I indigenous tribespeople of northern Laos, and by extension the secret war fought there.
These pilots flew obsolete aircraft in appalling conditions against a well trained, equipped and led enemy and I came away astounded by their bravery, shocked at the suffering of the Laotian people and disgusted at the shoddy way the US abandoned both the country and the volunteers who flew and fought there to their fate once they no longer had a strategic use for them.
What also impressed me was the devotion expressed by the American "technician" and the Laos people, especially the Hmong hill people. A real contrast to how most viewed the Vietnamese.
A great anti war book that unflinching explains how men live and die in war and the bonds that developed between them.

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