medieval sewng techniques

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medieval sewng techniques

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about Christmas time I found a website that had loads of examples of ways of joining and finishing wools, linens and silks. There were pictures of pieces of fabric showing the techniques in use (like the Sempster did on FaceBook before Christmas). Does anyone know the name or address of the site as I can't find it again.....


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Re: medieval sewng techniques

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I started with googling "medieval sewing stitches" and there are a raft of items out there, from basic cut and paste website-fillers to archeological reports breaking down stitch usage by site and date - with diagrams (1). So I couldn't even proffer a possible likely selection (2) that you might recognise and saw little point in doing the obvious subsequent Medieval sewing methods / techniques searches.

It was rather nice to get so many good hits immediately as a change from wildly extrapolated links to ebay listings: - so for once "have you googled that?" is a helpful suggestion, rather than a putdown.

For those interested:
(2) ... /wool.html or ... itches.htm
Is it 'coz I is middewl clarse, aih?

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