Perfect half hose

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Perfect half hose

Post by hazyma »

Ok, so now I have the bit between my teeth and am convinced that rather than cover my tattoo with make up, I need to make the most perfect, definitive pair of half hose ever seen.
But I need all the help I can get! My first(and only!) pair were made in a hurry about 20 years ago for a cold weather event and are thick wool. They also stay up for about 10 seconds and drive me insane, so I tend to leave them off at the first possible opportunity!
Can anyone recommend someone who makes the bestest hose in the business?
Failing that, does anyone have the perfect pattern?? What colours can I get away with? Do buckles really work best for keeping 'em up?
All help gratefully received as this seems to be part of the kit in our group that never gets much attention!
Now that would have nothing to do with it not being tin and shiny, would it? :o

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Re: Perfect half hose

Post by EnglishArcher »

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Re: Perfect half hose

Post by nest »

Hazyma, I'm planning on making myself some half hose too and found this while pootling about on tinternet
However she doesn't say how she hold them up but lovely work all the same

PS No drooling please chaps

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Re: Perfect half hose

Post by Colin Middleton »

My wife did the design when we had Sarah Thursfield up for a 'training day'. It might be worth your time and money booking a day/few hours in her sewing room and getting a good pattern worked out.

Best wishes


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Re: Perfect half hose

Post by Sophia »

Also try and find a twill cloth (recognizable by the visible diagonal in the weave and as fine as possible for wool) even if it a little more expensive. Hose are cut with this diagonal running vertically down the front of the leg which maximizes the elasticity of the cloth. You can use a plain weave but twill stretches more. Also remember to boil linen, wool also benefits from a pre-wash - use wool cycle. Remember you will want to wash them after every event.

Finally I have seen people cheat and sew a channel in the very top and run either a linen tape or a bias cut strip of a Melton type wool through it (only any flood if you are not going to kirtle up so the top of your hose are visible.

Technically no respectable woman should have bare legs unless her current task calls for it (laundry, etc) - hose are now compulsory for the Tudor event at Kentwell though thank G-d we are now late enough for the knitted type (does mean darning though which is a pain).
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Re: Perfect half hose

Post by Alice the Huswyf »

Hose are certainly a requirement for respectability on C15th if you look at non-labouring women in period images and very worth the effort. They are emminently practical (being washable they save your shoes smelling, prevent rubs and stings etc), so don't be tempted to go down a 'patch, look away and whistle' route. People were very keen on keeping up appearances and maintaining station.

I like my kit to look good, but frankly I only have time for practical garments, not whimsy. Once you wear hose, you don't tend to look back.
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