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Hi, to introduce myself, I'm new to this forum, I have been reenacting for years and have recently been made goodwyfe (as well as the Vicar) in my company with responsibility for the clobber of our members. As there was no real online resource for 1640s kit to answer all those questions that new members ask, I've started one of my own, as a method of pulling together everything I can find that is relevant. It's intended to be available to anyone with an interest in ECW, not just the society I'm in and (like a fool) I make no money from it.

It isn't exhaustive or as knowledgeable as I'd hoped, but I'm getting there. I'd appreciate any input you guys might have, or suggestions for further posts. I'm also intending in the fullness of time to turn it into a proper website as the blog form, whilst quick and easy is rather linear and any old posts, however relevant tend to get buried in the history.

Here's the url:

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