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Sponsor's adverts and announcements section

Postby Alice the Huswyf » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:11 am


In the course of sorting out the private Buy and Sell section, it has become apparent that although Cal created the Sponsor's section to give traders who've bought a banner a specific advertising area - not many Sponsors are using it or are necessarily aware of it.

After sorting out Buy and Sell to stop unintentional (- to deliberate misuse) of the private sales Buy and Sell area (outside traders, or people selling off 'excess or unused personal kit' or 'if you want one I can make another one' in trading type quantities - ie sneaking regular free trader advertising) the rules had to be tightened. The rules and definitions that Fox had to come up with to counter these misuses work - but also catch banner owners in the net; so it was decided to create the Sponsor's Adverts and Announcements section to avoid this and to give paying advertisers an extra benefit for their £ support.

Buy and Sell now has a sticky drawing purchaser's attention to the advertising posts on the Sponsor's section. Very few of you banner owners presently list in the new Sponsor's section, which is quite empty and you are missing out on a marketing option; why not add your brief description and a link to your website?

The idea is that you create one posting, which will then be locked, but which you can edit new information into at any point. Instead of waiting for your banner to pop up again, a potential customer can browse a brief list, locate the trader they need and deal directly using the website link or contact details given. You can change the announcement or the description at need so this one post will stay current and on an accessibly short list. (Don't list prices on your post - this information will be more current on your website or by direct contact anyway.)

Cal's guidelines for using this section are here viewtopic.php?f=31&t=22382

This is not available to traders who haven't purchased a banner, but who may still post very occassional notices under strict rules and restrictions in Buy and Sell - which is now police-able and policed.


Is it 'coz I is middewl clarse, aih?

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