How do you harden your frizzen?

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How do you harden your frizzen?

Post by Tod »

Other than sending it back to the gun maker, or to the local heat treatment compnay. Does any one harden their frizzen at home?

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Don't know anyone who's tried it here....quite common in the US 'tho...need to ask the question on one of their reenacting/shooting boards like
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Post by Louis »

Yes Ive tried it with varying degrees of success..
There is a compound called Casenet, its like a black carbon salt.
You need an extreme heat source not recommended on the stove by the way. I used gas bottle and torch and fired into small brick construction to keep heat in. Heat the frizzen to a cherry red then dip in Casenet (using tongs!) Reheat again then plunge into cold water.
Leave till cool then get polishing as it will be very stained.

If thats too much bother contact Glen at who does it for £5.50 including postage!

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Post by m300572 »

Dip it in Thunderbird - it'll either dissolve or be as hard as f***! :shock:

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Post by Big_Andy »

To be honest, I'd just pay for the service. It can save a lot of hassle, and I had my Bess one done in June by Ron Curley (Albion Small Arms). It cost me £25, and he had it turned around in less than a week, superb considering I needed it that weekend for a display. And since it's been done, it's fired every time.

You could try doing it yourself, but you still might end up paying out £30-£40 for a new frizzen if you over harden it and it snaps, not to mention that if you go down Louis' route, you need the right fire bricks (you run the risk of normal housebricks exploding), and if you don't harden it enough, you're still at square one.

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Post by Big_Andy »

m300572 wrote:Dip it in Thunderbird - it'll either dissolve or be as hard as f***! :shock:
LOL... gods, reminds me of the beach parties I used to attend when I started with my first group 18 years ago! We always disolved into a drunken mess around the fire, and always thought we were hard as f*** for the drinking we did. Shame my stomach is no longer that hard :(

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