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Getting yourself known

Post by restimson »

As a relative newcomer to the trading world what advise can people give for getting yourself and your goods known?

Despite the fact that I have been producing embroidery for musuems and private clients for a number of years this is the first time I have tried producing bits and pieces for re-enactors eg kits etc.

I have my website and online shop with a few products on but would really value some advise on the next step to make. Traders shows won't always be practical as I am still working full time to meet bills etc (as I am sure alot of traders have to at first).


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Post by sally »

well, you could post some examples to forums like this and invite discussion about ways to use your products and invite feedback on directions to take in terms of developing new things. Helps with your market research but also means people are becoming more aware of what you can offer

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Post by Drachelis »

Embroidery takes so much time - I know it would be an advantage to have someone whom I could use for my top end garments or I could recommend.

What is your web site address?I use ready embroidered silks for some of my gowns but clients sometimes want something specific - if you are coming to the fair bring some business cards I can keep them on my stall at NLHF to hand out to clients - photos of samples would be good - actual samples could be even better. PM me and we can sort something out - nice to have embroidery by .............................. on exclusive gowns.

Thinking about what would be good to make to sell,

The first thing that comes to mind is stomachers - tudor and above.

Embroidered houppelande belts - big wide ones with couched metal thread.

How about embroidered pin on sleeves - we have just had a thread about them.

Embroidered purses and pouches in authentic patterns too

Oh and don't forget the bridal market - I seem to be picking up a lot of work for medieval themed weddings - where they want something special.

Keep posting on this forum too - you could take out a banner ad (must get round to that myself)

Hope this helps
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Post by guthrie »

Being an attention whore like Martin Cowley or Mr Smith helps.

I mean that in a nice way, obviously.

This involves getting involved in everything going, posting threads asking about stuff related to what you make, etc, as Sally has suggested. You can also post up threads in the buy/ sell section showing what you can do.

It would be interesting to get some statistics about business that has been garnered from this website.

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Post by Lord High Everything Esle »

Whew, I'm glad you did not include me in that list.
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Post by Tuppence »

1. advertise on here

2. keep posting on here

3. go to some shows to trade (has to be done despite full time work, and I did that in the beginning too).

4. when at shows, have a few samples, etc, but loads and loads of business cards and flyers etc to be handed out at no charge - some of us are an obsessive bunch, and squirrel stuff like that away.

5. stick at it - it will take at least three years
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Post by dragonskie2000 »

Make sure that it's your name people repeat when refering to embroidery. Topnotch quality and aftercare.

Photograph everything you do or have done - the shirt on your website is a good example. But you'll need more (people can be unimaginative sometimes and need to be inspired....preferably to buy)

Link it to as many other sites as possible, other sellers etc (have a receprocal link page on your site). You've got some already.

Always have some sample work with you (I have a small bag made up of tabletweave samples). Have a base price so they know the minimum payment for an item - a finished piece by you that is. This will stop any casual enquiries that don't really want a piece. Don't forget about VAT and postage (where applicable)

Hopefully I haven't repeated anyone else too much


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Post by frances »

I have found your website to be rather complex for the number of items you currently have available. I am sure that this will change over time. Also, check for spelling and grammar mistakes; that always leaves a bad impression however lovely your work is.

As for getting well-known - get your work into the stalls of other people. Get stall-holders to wear your work and recommend you when the public comment upon an item. And get out there into the middle of a field with re-enactors and talk, talk and talk.

All the best

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Post by Martin Cowley »

Being an attention whore like Martin Cowley or Mr Smith helps.
moi ?? :D , THE VERY THOUGHT !!!

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Post by guthrie »

Lord High Everything Esle wrote:Whew, I'm glad you did not include me in that list.

OOps, sorry- consider yourself added to the list.

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Post by gregory23b »

"Traders shows won't always be practical as I am still working full time to meet bills etc (as I am sure alot of traders have to at first). "

A lot of traders are in the same boat, so that shouldn't be a bar to doing some markets.

Cherry pick, after going to see them first, they are not just about selling but developing inter-trader networks, Dave Hewitt (Jolly box man) is particulalry good at networking and offering help to new traders as he has many resources to hand, use him, ;-)

Big up your particular strengths, ie the product, is it price, quality, Athenticity, just because you might have a higher price bracket item does not mean you wont sell them it means you have to be more astute at who you sell them to.

Ask loads of questions, make yourself known to traders, even ones who may be doing something similar, make friends. Find out who might be able to sell your items on your behalf.

Say hello to me at TORM if you are going, I will be wearing a floppy red hat and a grubby but well used apron.

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