Never stand too close to pyro's.

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Never stand too close to pyro's.

Post by Louis »

It can be a pain in the butt.

From a recent Borodino (Russia) event.

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Post by Wim-Jaap »

oeh that must have hurt and prolly cost him his eardrums.

greenthings wim-jaap
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Jim Smith
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Post by Jim Smith »

:shock: Bloody Hell... Do you know if the poor SOB who's joined the C19 airborne infantry walked away from that/survived etc?
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Post by Malvoisin »

Thank God we have H&S laws as tight as they are!
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Post by gregory23b »

Now that is going too far!
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Post by Ferret »

oh F***K. you just know thats going to hurt.

hope he was all right.

all the best ferret

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Post by pixit »

owch looks very painfull
anybody know whatever happened to him??
xx pixit
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stephen wootten
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Post by stephen wootten »

just to be a bit wierd if you zomm in and tidy up the detail thats alot of blood flying out of that poor unlucky sod, hope hes ok tho as some pc pr8ck will no doubt use this to reinforce some b izare over mollycodling H&S. im all for H&S but its starting to feel like its like playing tag with a lump of steel bar stock.

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Post by 'Banastre' »

.... Ouch!

I hope whoever was in it is doing ok now

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Post by Kate1812 »

Thank God I wasn't there, I'm the one who always gets hurt.
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