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Stolen costume

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Could you keep your eyes out for this doublet and hose please?
Taken from the Portsmouth news.
A DESPERATE plea has been sent out to find a Thomas Cromwell costume that went missing in Portsmouth.
The 16th century political schemer – Henry VIII’s right-hand man until he fell out of favour – has been appearing at the Mary Rose Museum.
But living history performer Andrew Elrick, who brings him to life, is kicking himself after leaving his costume in a Portsmouth car park.
Andrew - who plays Cromwell for the Past Times Living History group – did a stint at the Mary Rose museum but came away from The Hard without his precious doublet and hose.
The clothing was mislaid in the car park in Havant Street.
Andrew, of Denby in Derbyshire said: ‘I hung the costume on the car park railings while I loaded my vehicle with props and gear and then, stupidly, drove off without it.
‘Sadly I didn't realise my mistake until we got all the way home and my wife who plays Anne Boleyn now wants my head on a plate!’
Andrew is offering a generous reward for the return of the historically accurate costume.
It is a two-piece, predominantly black outfit with white silk flashings and was left in a plain black suit carrier in the Harbour carpark in Havant Street on Friday, May 31.
Andrew added: ‘It was made professionally to measure and will be useless to anybody else because it fits me like a glove. The lady who made it is a seamstress and it took three months to do – it’s historically perfect.
‘I’ve got secondary costumes, but they pale into insignificance compared to this one.’
His wife Elle said: ‘He is right in the doghouse because we have got important gigs coming up where he needs to look his best. I am not sure how he will look without his head but I am working on it!’
The Elricks have scoured social media in Portsmouth looking for a trace of Cromwell's costume without success.
Now the couple is hoping News readers might be able to shed light on its whereabouts.
Anyone with any information can contact Andrew on 07880 507927.
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