WW1 tunic

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WW1 tunic

Post by Ellie »

I'm trying to find a British WW1 uniform, specifically a tunic. I wondered whether anyone in the North of England might have one I could look at? I know they're available to buy/hire, but they're quite expensive and my budget is very limited. I've been asked to make a piece of artwork for an exhibition based on the Somme and wanted to start by making a replica uniform. What I need is access to a uniform - or a good replica - for an hour or so, in order to check its construction and take measurements. Might anyone be able to help? Thank you.

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Re: WW1 tunic

Post by sally »

This might help, but do make careful reference to images of the exact date tunic you want to replicate to be sure you are using the right notes
http://historyoffashiondesign.com/part- ... -uniforms/

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Re: WW1 tunic

Post by Nigel »

Look in a book
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Re: WW1 tunic

Post by Mark Griffin »

where are you Ellie?

I can certainly help out.
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