Looking for group in/near London + transport question

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Looking for group in/near London + transport question

Post by hospitallers »

Hi guys,

In my mid-teens a friend's family were a member of the Medieval Siege Society. I attended around 10 events over a period of around a year, and genuinely count it among the happiest times of my life. The evenings before battles were always so memorable for me; everyone in medieval dress, the smoke from the campfires, the music, the tents, the food, everyone having a great time. I always found it to be, in many ways, the part of re-enactment that felt most authentic.

Unfortunately my friend's mum became unwell and they ended up leaving the MSS and I was too young to continue membership alone. Ever since (I'm now 27) I've had the intention to take re-enactment up again but as I live and work in central London and haven't got a car, I haven't really been in a position to commit to the nationwide travelling.

I was just wondering if there are any groups (1330-1660, but ideally Wars of the Roses) based or with divisions in central London? I'm sure there must be, but I haven't yet been able to find any.

And even better, do any of the groups based in London or the home counties, run minibuses for those without transportation?

Any input or advice regarding groups or transport issues would be very much appreciated,



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Re: Looking for group in/near London + transport question

Post by hobbitomm »

Assuming nobody's PM'd you, there's certainly an active London group in the SCA (which certainly _includes_ wars of the roses).


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Re: Looking for group in/near London + transport question

Post by GuyDeDinan »

Eh up, I live and work in Central London, not got a car either, and am with the aforementioned Thamesreach. Drop me a line? We have an informal revel in Archway next weekend (not a fighting event, but a nice gathering in a hall).
SCA Thamesreach (London) - www.thamesreach.org

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Re: Looking for group in/near London + transport question

Post by beerdragon »

if you want to cover up to 1660 then http://www.17thcenturylifeandtimes.comis the group im with, events all over but I drive and often have a spare seat. we cover from 1600 to 1699 but mainly either 1620's 1640;s or 1670's
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