Armour and Mail repair for a Visitors Centre

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aunty rach
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Armour and Mail repair for a Visitors Centre

Post by aunty rach »

What I'm about to ask is impeded by not knowing anything about armour!

I have been asked by the Manager of a borough council owned castle visitor centre in the North Midlands if I can recommend someone who would be able to visit their site to conduct repairs to some of their handling items of armour and mail.

I believe most of the repairs need to be done to various items of mail, but that some leather and riveting will also need to be replaced.

The site manager is insistent that the items not be removed from the site (due to major issues in the past), so all work will have to be done in situ. They have estimated that there is approximately only one days amount of work, but obviously that may change when the items are inspected.

So is there anyone out there that would be willing to do this?

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Re: Armour and Mail repair for a Visitors Centre

Post by Ganderwick »

This is something we could easily do. Could you pm us more details?

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Re: Armour and Mail repair for a Visitors Centre

Post by The_Maille_Tailor »

I run a Maille Tailoring business, and am available for advice and repairs if required.
If you want to see some examples of my work, you can see my gallery on Facebook, under Maille Tailor.
I am currently working on maille leggings, and integrating maille coifs into hauberks for customers, and am very
Experienced in repairing maille armour for re enactors.
If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Gav aka The Maille Tailor. Fitting links into other links for over a decade now. If its maille I can make it fit.

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