Ageing a frock coat

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Ageing a frock coat

Post by nick19thind »

For a working class/gangs of new york impression how would i give my coat that worn-in secondhand look? It's made of black wool and has only been worn once. I'm aware of the importance of accessorising (mismatched trousers, bowler hat and waistcoat) but how do i get that "tattered 1840s gentleman" look without resembling a homeless person?
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Re: Ageing a frock coat

Post by sally »

Wear it constantly round the house and garden? Get your hands very slightly oily and finger the collar, cuffs and buttonholes to distress them a little bit. Sleep in it a few times. Switch one or more buttons to a style that is almost but not quite the same as the original to suggest its been carefully repaired a few times.

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Re: Ageing a frock coat

Post by Fox »

Go out on a rainy day and lean against walls and fidget.

Be equally fidgety while sittings on walls, and also sit and lie on the ground.

Then clean it only with a brush or beat with your hand.

You can spill weak tea on the lining, especially at the bottom, round the neck and on the cuffs, to simulate water staining.

It's also quite easy to create a perminently loose button that is only on by a thread.

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Re: Ageing a frock coat

Post by Phil the Grips »

Lay the coat flat under your sofa cushions or bed mattress to get it nicely creased and crumpled.

Hang it from the washing line, with sturdy attachments- maybe feed the line through the sleeves to stop it flying away- over winter to fade it and get it weatherworn.

If youy make any tears then put a fine tacking stitch round the fray to stop it running too far.
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Re: Ageing a frock coat

Post by Miss Costello »

We used to use* a fine grater along raised areas, if the fabric will take it, bury it in your garden for a week. You can also buy theatrical dirt, reccomend this by Ben Nye. Prairie Dust/Ash.

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Re: Ageing a frock coat

Post by CaptGrant »

Yup..a nice little nutmeg grater applied to areas that would have seen genuine wear and tear. Try mismatching some buttons, a little tear here and there. Vaseline over the inside of the collar and entrances to pockets...anywhere where greasy hands would leave a mark. There is a product called Dirty Down which is good for non permanent stains!

Be careful not to overdo it and make sure that wear and tear appears in the places its supposed to!

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Re: Ageing a frock coat

Post by steve stanley »

Doing the gardening is good.....
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Re: Ageing a frock coat

Post by Mike Garrett »

steve stanley wrote:Doing the gardening is good.....

But wearing to do my gardening is better... :D

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Re: Ageing a frock coat

Post by Mr Ben »

Let me wear it for just one afternoon, that all, you wont recognise it :D

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Re: Ageing a frock coat

Post by 1850victorian »

Wool will not show dirt much anyway, distress sparingly then wear it see how it looks then go again. It's not a quick job but it will be worth it
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