The Vikings - Lanark, August 2007

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The Vikings - Lanark, August 2007

Postby Montsegur » Tue Jun 12, 2007 9:27 pm

Scotland’s History Festival – The Lanark Medieval Festival on August 18/19 – will once again be the country’s main event of the year.

To date 13+ groups have registered for this Multi Period show, which hopefully should equate to 200+ re-enactors, plus traders from Britain and the Continent.

Consistently getting a good review from re-enactors in past years, Lanark is hoping for more of the same with 2007 being double the size and on a new site at Lanark Racecourse.

Medieval timelines have been stretched, but once again Tournee are in charge so authenticity and safety should be de rigueur .
Lanark is also a “major” for The Vikings, whose “script” includes Rus Vikings.

Basically this means one Medieval and one Viking battle a day, with battle archery; and also an archery tourney for the Lanark Silver Arrow, under the all seeing eye of Goose from Tournee.

There are, of course, all the other usual displays, Living History, traders, etc.

To cope with the increased size there is a new location at historic Lanark Moor and Racecourse, with the usual Lanark facilities such as security, well maintained reserved loos (and possibly showers), first aid, on site catering and beer tent, Saturday evening ceilidh, adjacent plastic camp available before and afterwards, secure parking, etc.

Lanark is run by The Lanark Medieval Society, and is run by re-enactors for re-enactors. Although run without massive outside commercial support Lanark will meet groups’ reasonable expenses/fees provided they have been agreed in advance since the budget is not bottomless.

Any group not already registered but interested in attending should contact Tournee (if they are Medieval) via the on-line registration at Viking registrations should go to Gail Whitehouse of The Vikings at

New groups wishing to attend should also contact George Topp at to discuss the unsavoury aspect of ££$$££.

For further information, including trading, visit which also has an on-line booking/contact facility, or contact George Topp at 01555 665454; fax 01555 663284, at 10 Bloomgate, Lanark ML11 9ET
or via

Lanark is about one hour north of Carlisle and minutes off the M74.

Scotland's Festival of History

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