Dancing - Knighthood

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Lady Winchester
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Dancing - Knighthood

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I am looking to see if there is a good source of dances and those used during knighthood, can anyone point me in the right direction please (also the music is needed too)


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Post by lidimy »


I myself can't help you, but I am in touch with a few people who can at my early dance group.I don't know exactly what you are looking for though, do you think you could clarify your query please? :)

Lidi :D
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Post by Annis »

I agree, what is it you're after? Like music especially for it? or music in general? Recently got a CD of Medieval Dance songs and the acompanying book with the music and steps in it.

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moved to the music section, in the hopes that those who are that way inclined will be more likely to see it.

the help section is for help with using the site, or for reporting problems / spam, etc.

if you think another section would be better, let me know!!
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Lady W
Have Pm'd you.
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