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Postby Dishonoured Knight » Tue Apr 24, 2007 4:31 pm

Patrick Kelly wrote:
Dishonoured Knight wrote:Incidently the change in blade occured when Hanwei took over from Paul Chen who made the original practical series, personally I think it takes a lot less metal to make the new ones and they are therefore cheaper to produce (although I note the price hasn't come down).

Hanwei is the steel fabrication company owned by Paul Chen, they're one and the same. Hanwei's historic "replicas" are shoddy at best and I'd never use the practical series for any contact-based reenactment.

Ahh, that explains things somewhat, although i find it strange that he changed not only the design of the blade but also the structure and look of it and also the name! When i bought my cheapo hand & a half it was under the brand "Paul Chen" when my mate bought his it had changed to Hanwei!

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