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Viking Age Leather Tents

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:27 pm
by Neil of Ormsheim
I have recently read Max Adams' book - Alfred's Britain war and peace in the Viking Age. In this book, he suggests (at the start of chapter 10) that the Anglo Saxon elite may have had leather tents. Having been in contact with Mr Adams, he cannot remember where he came across his evidence for this. I know that the Roman army used leather tents but I am unaware of any any evidence of leather being put to this use in the Viking Age.
Anyone out there got any ideas if there is any evidence and, if so, what it is?

Re: Viking Age Leather Tents

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:21 am
by madjon
i havent seen any direct evidence for leather tents, though i have come across a number of long outdated general statements of the generic sort of tents would likely have been of... as long ago such general statements were made, wool and linen are materials available in suitable sizes, marine sails of treated wool have shown themselves not only effective ships sails (danish ship museum) but also waterproof enough for tent use, linen would be another tent fabric as it is a material available in the right sizes and is also fairly light and portable,on a side note the ice project found a tent peg-

i have no idea why someone thought to label it a whisk! probably because it has branchlets at the top and they were in a domestic frame of mind, i have seen this type of peg in a historical context, so i am going with the other suggested use of tent peg, especially as it has been sharpened, i dont think you are likely to carry large pointy sharpened egg whisks while crossing glaciers, pegs for pegging down in ice and snow are certainly feasible and certainly damned useful.