Viking Festival July 4 + 5 2015 Godmanchester.

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Viking Festival July 4 + 5 2015 Godmanchester.

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Excellent news on the Dark Age Re-enactors map with the Viking Festival Godmanchester now in the planning stages for July 4+5 2015 -hoping that it will become a regular thing.
Apart from the combat side of things - crafts and living history skills will be getting a good push and also Story telling from the Saga's and traditional music is also being planned :thumbup:
Beer tent and mead Tent there and Live Music by GREENMAN RISING booked for the Saturday night - all in all it has the makings of a damn fine event in any-case - but - aiming to make this a regular event to promote Viking / Anglo Saxon Culture :D
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Re: Viking Festival July 4 + 5 2015 Godmanchester.

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Seems cool. You getting many groups in?

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david smith
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Re: Viking Festival July 4 + 5 2015 Godmanchester.

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So far we have:
The Vikings (as a Major)
Age of Penda
Woden's Hearth
Oathsworn Warband
The Bifrost Guard
The Dark Age Society

Also featuring
Per Kelt
Ya Raqs
Devilstick Peat
Owain Leech

Greenman Rising Saturday evening in the Beer Tent
Website at
Facebook Page at

We can accommodate traders in a authentic and modern market areas, pitches £50
It is looking pretty good!

Best wishes
David (helping Bernie the Bolt, who is staging this event)
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