The Great Heathen Army

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The Great Heathen Army

Postby Bad Viking » Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:21 am

This is a back burner project which is now starting to develop a bit.
Basically its the overview of the period of the Viking invasions and Alfred the Great. So far it is not intended to be a public event but more for dark age living history enthusiasts to get together for a post Christmas battle - Saxons V's Vikings, potentially looking at a weekend - but in its first instance probably just a one day event - on the first Sunday after New Years day 2015. We have a couple of potential sites in mind - in the Northants area - so really easy to get to.
this is our Fb page............. ... rk_t=group

I might be in the gutter....but I'm still looking up at the takeaway !.

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