Barbarian Invasions

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Barbarian Invasions

Postby Medicus Matt » Thu Aug 25, 2005 9:02 am

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Re: Barbarian Invasions

Postby Alan_F » Sat Aug 27, 2005 2:01 am

Medicus Matt wrote:For fans of Rome:Total War

There's a downloadable demo where you get to fight Mons Badonicus here:-

Excuse me, I'm off to start drooling..... :P

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Postby Brendan C » Sun Aug 28, 2005 11:06 pm

If you're a Medieval Total War fan, check out ... _download/

for the Battle of Stamford Bridge scenario

Worth a look

Brendan C

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Postby WorkMonkey » Sat Oct 15, 2005 1:43 pm

The games pretty rubbish, I bought it a couple of days ago, it's cool for the feel of it but some of the units are pretty ghastly "Saxon Hearth Troops" with some kind of square with rounded edges shield.
Irish/Celtic "Beserkers" painted purple carrying a 5ft mace.

The games actually really hard even on fairly easy setting, if you start as one of the Roman factions you're dogged with civil unrest right from the outset and end up losing half your settlements to rebels within the first few moves, and if you play as any of the barbarian factions your so poor that you cant even muster the men needed to take advantage of the Empires crippled state. There's some nice extras like when if you've got a really experianced general he can attempt a night battle, and some units can swim, which is abit of a b**ger because it takes the entire strategic point out of holding bridge when the enemy just sends its cavalry across the river and up behind you. Especially when the stupid AI just spams with the cheap cavalry units. There's still the frustrating problem with the units destination mapping, cavalry generally not doing what you tell them to, infantry taking the best part of a minute to re-form a shield wall, units that cross a river can't come round the back of the bridge and hit the enemy in the rear if they're ON the bridge, because when you click to attack the unit tries to cross back across the river and hit the front, they haven't coded a unit to be able to use the bridge AND swim which is annoying. Mm what else. Spear units in shield wall formation move faster than melee units in shield wall formation so the entire line breaks apart when you order a general advance. Theres about 2 battles in the Historic Battles. It's really not what I expected, and I was hoping given all the problems with R:TWs AI and destination mapping problems they would have sorted it out but alas.
Oh yeah most of the skins are poorly done as well in comparison to the original, it's been done by SEGA as apposed Activision which is probably why, for example, the Eastern factions peasants are white boys who look strikingly like Luke Skywalker from episode IV, I'm not quite sure why...
I was enjoying playing as the Franks, but the annoying blue helmets coupled with the absoloute poverty I was in made me change to the Saxons who I only managed to get anywhere with by upping their starting money.
You cant fight shield wall to shield wall either, a shield wall is only a defensive formation like the phalanx of RTW, when you advance with a shield wall they'll walk forward holding the formation then when they're close to the enemy they break and charge, thus the defending player wins, as with the frustratingly impossible controls of the phalanx in the original.

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