Fulford 1066 - Englands Lost Battle

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Fulford 1066 - Englands Lost Battle

Postby ibattles » Sat Nov 22, 2008 3:20 pm

Hi all,

Just to let you know about our website (www.ibattles.co.uk) which is a new venture producing audio drama documentaries about forgotten battles in Englands Past.

Our first production - Englands Lost Battle Fulford 1066 is a 90 minute double audiobook CD which presents a dramatised history of the events leading up to Fulford and the massive effect it had on both Stamford Bridge and Hastings which followed it a few days later. As well as a thorough analysis of the battle itself, we also look into why there were so many claimants to the throne in 1066 and taking into account the politics of the previous century.

Although a dramatised account our focus is on not compromising on the facts of the story, but rather bring the characters and the battle itself back to life with dramatic scenes, set pieces and a cracking soundtrack to back it up!

you can hear a preview here

Following on from Charles Jone's excellent book on the subject, we're presenting the main 'villan' of the piece as Tostig, the brother of King Harold Godwinson, also opening up the suggestion that the almost simultaneous invasions in North and South were not such a coincidence as commonly thought.

Our big aim with the CD is to raise the profile of the battle in general - as some of you may be aware the battlefield itself is currently under threat with a major new housing development planned. Despite a huge amount of archeological evidence being found there and strong local support it is still providing difficult to ensure its protection. So, we would ask for any help you can provide!

If anyone has any specific queries about Fulford please do get in touch, I hope my limited knowledge on the subject will be of help!

Finally, as I live very close to the battlefield (which is located just outsite the city of York and makes for a very pleasant riverside walk!) I would be happy to show anyone around the site if they are ever in the area - just get in touch through the website or on here to discuss.

Many thanks to Chris Walsh for telling us about this fantastic site!



www.ibattles.co.uk - where Englands past comes to life

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