Cinderbury Iron Age Farm

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Alan_F wrote:
Actually, we could all go there and re-enact the village burning scene from Platoon.... Anyone got a zippo? :twisted:
yeah me :wink:


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Hi again, the initial price they wanted to charge was £8.50, but had to drop it to £5.50, and now it is a flat fiver.

Yes, they did have people who offered viable help, and accurate suggestions, but they were trying to do everything on the cheap, hence the nails, screws, modern membranes in the roof etc ( that was a great one, so the roundhouses now fill up with smoke that cannot dissipate through the roof, lol).

A fiver may seem OK, but lets face it all you get for your money is a half hour guided tour (from a bloke who knows nothing about history), and get to loaf about in the woodland walk (still unfinished I hasten to add).


The reson no Brown Tourist signs are about is that they were all for them, right up until the point they found out that they would have to pay for them (not the cinderbury way).

If you look at the cooking couldrons you will in fact see that they are Jam Pans (lol).

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