most authentic shields on the uk market?

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GJ Nord
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most authentic shields on the uk market?

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How do all,

newbie when it comes to roman stuff.

I'm wanting to get 2 shields to mark up (did they do this?) as the legions that more than likely passed through my area of lanarkshire (there's a marching/temporary camp about a mile away from my house).

I've seen some with steel and some with brass bosses, is the difference of materials to do with rank or just where ever the shields would have been made?

Who would people recommend buying from regards thread title?



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Re: most authentic shields on the uk market?

Post by squamatus »

Hi Mathias

It depends what you're going to do with the shields. I'd go steel boss every time, as the brass/copper alloy versions tend to cave in if you drop the shield, let alone if someone decide to belt it with a sword. Historically there doesn't seem to have been an issue whether it was made of one material or the other in terms of status. The nicest looking legionary scutum boss (LEGIO VIII of course) found in the River Tyne is copper alloy.

As far as buying in shields, the Indian Deepeka ones are pretty good value, but I find them a bit flimsy for combat, although many people do use them for more than display. Places like - a firm based in Germany, or our own are good starting points. We make our own shields which means we can feel safe no matter how big and scary the giant barbarians turn out to be. This usually means they end up costing as much or even more than the 'bought in' ones, but like everything, you get what you pay for. A decent lorica segmentata made to fit you will always be better than an eBay monstrosity! (We make our own.) Same thing applies to boots/sandals. If you want decent ones that won't fall apart, you need to invest wisely. (I make them commercially.)
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Re: most authentic shields on the uk market?

Post by Dingo8MyBaby »

At a tangent can anyone suggest a maker of dished round shields for late roman?

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