Online Course in Roman Mosaics

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Online Course in Roman Mosaics

Postby lawrence » Fri May 08, 2009 7:56 am

As I was getting a number of enquiries about the workshops from overseas and people were finding some dates difficult over here I’ve created a unique Online Course in Roman Mosaics – what I cover in the 1 Day workshops is now down in writing.

Take a look:

The cost of the course is £65.00 GBP/ 75 Euros/ US$95.00

The idea is that you can complete the whole of the Introductory Workshop over the internet. The full course is sent out via email and this contains all the information you need to complete an accurate copy of a Roman mosaic.

There are 3 patterns to choose from which come with the course as well as images of specially created mosaics illustrating ‘The Roman Rules’, the way of setting mosaics unique to the craftsmen of Rome and Byzantium. I even made a ‘wrong’ mosaic to show common mistakes (this was hard at first but after a little while it was quite good fun to make a mosaic breaking all the rules!).

As students work on their mosaics they can send up to 6 images to me and I will email them back with any corrections and suggestions needed.

You just need to get the materials. The joy of this is you can use ceramic tiles or anything else to start off with. It’s the lessons that are important to learn. This cuts down on costs and I provide a list of suppliers in the different countries.

The Online Course is complete in itself and for that reason I’m also issuing it out with a licence for anyone who wishes to use it as part of a teaching programme or even to run their own Roman mosaic workshops.

I’m really pleased with it, it’s taken a lot of work but I feel it’s got everything there and so if anyone gets the course and within 30 days doesn’t feel that it was worth what they paid then I’ll refund the money they paid in full, no questions asked.

Here’s the link again to the page on the website:

If you want anymore information on the Online Course then just get in touch.



Postby kirstybisset » Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:04 am

Nice thread having such a wonderful information about Online Course in Roman Mosaics , thanks for posting..

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