An Interest in the true peoples of Great Britain

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An Interest in the true peoples of Great Britain

Postby Mark Briant » Mon Jul 03, 2006 3:39 pm

Over the last few years I have read many books while researching a book I one day plan to finish writing.

It stoked a keen interest in this country I call home. During my reading and in light of many claims of various cultures stating that THEY are the true people of these isles I have learned a little more of this land.

From what I understand the Celts are not native to these isles, but were just one of many invaders/settlers here. I believe that over the millenia the following people called this home:

3500BC Neolithic People (Original builders of Stonehenge?)
2000BC Beaker People (invaded and subjugated the Neolithic people, continuing and completing the work at Stonehenge).

This then led to further invasions by:

each of which saw some part remain and mix with the existing people. Even today this rich traditional continues.

Can anybody confirm, clarify or add to this? These are only what I understand and am very interested in learning more.

Thanks in advance


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