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Old Kids On The Block - Palaeolithic re-enactment

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:40 pm
by 10000 Years BC
At the risk of pre-empting the thread title by around 8,000 years please could I take a moment to mention that the Palaeolithic is alive and well and living in mid-Cheshire?

We've been running Archaeology/Prehistory workshops in a goodly number of NW primary schools (and beyond) during this year. Our sessions kick-start the KS2 Stone Age to Iron Age History curriculum, and set the scene for other re-enactors from later periods to follow. We are both from well-established teaching backgrounds.

We're also available for the usual sorts of things that re-enactors make themselves available for, if you know of any with a late Ice Age theme.

For further details please take a look at our website:

I'm happy to answer queries relating to the 99% of our history that was the Palaeolithic, either in this thread or via our website's Contact Us page.

..and yes, I made the Ice Age clothing from scratch - it took four Bambis and a Thumper and 10 days of sewing and head-scratching. An educational experience in itself given that I'd only ever patched my jeans beforehand.


Re: Old Kids On The Block - Palaeolithic re-enactment

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:35 am
by sally
are you going to the European Stone Age Festival in N Germany next summer? Looks like there will be a fair contingent of UK prehistorians going and the organiser has said it would be nice to see more paleo