Greek(ish) greave

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Greek(ish) greave

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Hello all

I wondered whether or not you might be able to help. The greave below is almost roughed out and is based on three different greek greaves for a customer who plans to wear them as a Roman gladiator, so the history for it is a little stretched to say the least. However, I am starting to plan for some greek kit to add to my portfolio and wondered whether anyone can help by eaiethr recommending some books or websites that specifically include or talk about the armour worn by the soldiers of the various Greek periods, importantly I am looking for the thigh, forearm and upper arm defences as I have seen some very small images of what appear to be beautifully made defences for these areas that don't appear regularly among reenactors or the sources I am reading?

Can you help at all?

As ever I welcome criticism, thoughts or comments about the kit below, but I simply didn't want to turn up empty handed and ask you to give me information :)


Kindest regards


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