Prehistoric Event (people needed)

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Prehistoric Event (people needed)

Post by firefrost »

Hey folks!

I'm currently on placement with Leicestershire County Council and I've been put in charge of organising a prehistoric event. The event itself is on the 25th July at Donington Le Heath manor house and is a free event for all.

We are currently after anyone who has an interest in prehistory (especially around leicestershire but thats not vital) and is willing to do a talk or demo. We already have some events lined up but get in touch if you're interested.

Thank you for your time :D

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Re: Prehistoric Event (people needed)

Post by Cheyenne »

I am a prehistorian, living historian and have published on the Neolithic and Bronze Age

I am Manchester based but am self employed in Living History and Archaeology.

is this a paid posting day?

You can have a look at my 'in progress' website on


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