Egyptian replica items

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Egyptian replica items

Post by The Castle Keepers »

Anyone know where we could get some good Egyptian replicas? We're looking for a variety of items.

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Post by lidimy »

Ahh, just take some from the museum display, no one will notice.....?
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Re: Egyptian replica items

Post by SalahaddinVsAltair »

As far as I know, even in the New Kingdom era of Ancient Egypt, Egyptians didn't use much of armour. All the reenactments I saw, including the Ex Deo's clip, Egyptians went to battle with their classical dress of fancy "hat" and the "skirt" with a Khopesh and that's it...may Ra recieve our souls.
The costume you can find very easely on a costume seller or on Ebay, just search for egyptian costumes.
The Khopesh...if you're looking for a cheap one, there's Deepeeka. But also look on the Kult of Athena online store, they might have some great Khopesh for sale.

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