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robin wood
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This isn't my period but I am just getting interested in pre iron age technology particularly woodworking. i have been asked to make a copy of Otzi's axe handle and have a suitable yew crook for the job. I am looking for scale drawings or anything that will give me the length and diameter of shaft and head. Lots of photos on the web but I need dimensions.

I was also astonished to read that he had in his possesions the products of 18 different shrubs and trees and would like to find out what all of them were. Does anyone know af a good, reasonably academic report? so far all I have found has been the same few paragraphs of journalistic stuff.

Cheers Robin

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Attilla the Bun
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Have PM'd you
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Limes Temporis
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Hi Robin,
Ahh Otzi! The best!
I've seen Otzi one monts ago..
Try to ask at the South Tyrol museum of archaeology (BZ)

this is a short list of new pubblication:

Museo Archeologico dell'Alto Adige (edit.)
La mummia dell'età del rame
Nuove ricerche sull'uomo venuto dal ghiaccio
Collana del Museo Archeologico dell'Alto Adige,
volume 1 - 1999
contributi in tedesco/inglese/italiano,
21 x 27 cm € 26,50 ; ISBN: 3-85256-096-9

(don't worry inside also english language)

Angelika Fleckinger (a cura di) (she has write also the museum guide)
La mummia dell’età del rame 2
Nuove ricerche sull’Uomo venuto dal ghiaccio
Collana del Museo Archeologico dell'Alto Adige,
volume 3 - 2003

But you can find other pubblications on


Bye From.. the Otzal
Limes Temporis
Living-History Association

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Post Knight
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we recently made a goatskin outfit based strongly on the Otzi material, really enlightening project to work on, (am still finding bits of goathair round the house though :lol: )

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