Carmina Burana

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Andrew W
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Carmina Burana

Post by Andrew W »

Does anyone know if there is a musical transcription of Carmina Burana (the original not the Orff piece).

I've been trying to track this down for some time and the closest I've got is the facsimilie version of part of the manuscript - which costs a staggeringly large sum and would require me to brush up (in a major way) on my mediaeval music notation.


wibble puppy
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Post by wibble puppy »

I don't know, but I would be interested as well, if anyone can find this :)


busy mole
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Post by busy mole »

Don't have the transcription but do have the recordings
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Post Centurion
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Post by craig1459 »

You could check out the website of the Bavarian State Library which holds the original (if you can speak German)
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Hinny Annie
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one advantage of having a bavarian husband
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Tamsin Lewis
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Post by Tamsin Lewis »

it should be somewhere - I can't see it on choralwiki (cpdl) where most songs are - but some of it is here

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