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Victorian Street Music "Broadside Ballads"

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 2:18 pm
by BrassOrigins
"Broadside Ballads" were part of the rich popular culture of Victorian Britain.
The ballads centered on popular subjects such as love, marriage, fantastic tales, humorous anecdotes, etc.
They were printed on broad sheets, often including illustrations of the story they told.

We offer our 2015 street music program "Broadside Ballads" in street musicians' dresses of the time for reenactments, Victorian extravaganzas, fayres and other Victorian themed events.

Our very unusual combination of instruments is the tenor recorder (which became a street musicians' instrument after the flute took over and the recorder went out of business for orchestral use) and a beautifully decorated yet small reed organ/pump organ.

PM or email me for details