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Old Christmas Returned

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:20 am
by Tamsin Lewis
"Old Christmas Returned" - Christmas Music and Song from 16th and 17th Century Britain. is now available from Rondo Publishing. ... -returned/

The book contains 38 pieces, some of which have not been published before: a selection of carols, ballads, madrigals, dance melodies and consort music, and follows the Chrismas season beginning with Christmas Day, then St Stephen's Day, St John's Day, Innocents' Day, New Year, Twelfth Night and Candlemas. It also includes a set of ballads about Christmas in the 17th Century, and during the Civil War.

It is one of a series of 5 seasonal collections: "To Shorten Winter's Sadness" ... s-sadness/ and "In Peascod Time" ... scod-time/ are already available from Rondo, and in other bookshops. The other two, "This Merry Pleasant Spring" and "In the Merry Month of May" are in preparation.