For Sale: Lute, Clavichord and 80-Bass Piano Accordion

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For Sale: Lute, Clavichord and 80-Bass Piano Accordion

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Hi all

Due to acquiring a virginal, vihuela and 72-bass Hohner accordion in quick succession, we're having an instrument clearout.

First up, I'm selling an 8-course lute which I bought second-hand from another member of this forum. The instrument is in pristine condition and comes with a soft bag with shoulder strap. Not sure of its origin before that - I suspect the Far East - but these days that certainly isn't an automatic guarantee of naffness. It plays fine and I'm only selling it because I now have a vihuela that does the same job. I'm looking for £220 for it inclusive of postage.

Next up we have a clavichord that we acquired from a friend. It works fine, but will need the two lowest strings replacing. It also needs tuning. As with most early keyboard instruments, it will need regular tuning every time you move it or when the ambient temperature of the room changes. Ii comes with two tuning keys. I'm looking for £350 for it. It would have to be pick-up only (we're in Coventry).

Finally, I'm looking to flog my trusty Weltmeister 80-bass accordion. It's in full working order except for a couple of keys that stick slightly because some berk spilled beer on it last summer. I'll get them unstuck before selling it! I'd like £250 for that. I'd prefer pick-up but could look into postage costs if necessary.

Pics to follow. If you're interested or have any question pm me or drop me an email at



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