Drum beats

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Drum beats

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Hi all. I am part of a group which focuses on the period(s) ranging from 1200- 1400. We occasionally use drums when marching onto the field so I wondered whether there is any rhythm in particular that we should be beating out? At present we tend to make it up as we go along, either doing a simple beat per step (ie in time with the marching pace) or sometimes what I tend to think of as "march to the gallows" ie dum dum da dum dum
Any advice or historical evidence on this topic?

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Re: Drum beats

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With virtually no paved roads and troops carrying all their personal equipment on their backs, there was hardly any opportunity for troops to march in step throughout the Middle Ages.

There is an account from early modern Scotland of drummers beating a rhythmic figure that stood for "Ding doun Tantallon", the flattening of Tantallon Castle being the regiment's most celebrated victory. So maybe other forces did the same thing, using signal phrases that coded their own particular battle cries? But you wouldn't march to them, you'd just let rip when a charge was imminent.

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