SOLD: Spectacular Tod's Stuff dagger, silver plate, velvet, belt, etc!

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SOLD: Spectacular Tod's Stuff dagger, silver plate, velvet, belt, etc!

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Tod's Stuff: Spectacular princely rondel dagger with velvet covered belt and velvet covered and double leather construction sheath.
Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 16.47.38.jpeg
Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 16.48.18.jpeg
I personally ordered the velvet from an ancient cloth making firm outside of Genoa that, among other fabrics, still makes velvets (like this one) on seventeenth century looms, in an even older renaissance manner. You will see in the photos that the velvet is both tight and short pile: it makes it more masculine and practical than carpet-like soft and shiny velvets. It is a lovely deep black, with just a tasteful sheen.

The belt has hand engraved-decorated chape and buckle, decorative loops for purse etc, and two kinds of stud, all silver plated. The back of the belt is covered with black satin.

In the photos you can see that some of the silver has darkened a little over the last four to six years that I have had this. The silver is of course all lacquered, which in places shows some slight breaking down, but, it is wearing extremely well for that age as you can see, and so far the silver has only improved for the tiny amount of patina it has acquired.

As you can see from the photos the blade is perfect.

The guard and pommel are silver plated metal, and decorated with inlaid highly polished cream horn, the grip itself being twisting highly polished black horn/antler with a ring of polished cream horn around the middle (!!) at this point I am really not wanting to sell this ;-(

The sheath is leather, leather lined also and of course (of course!) velvet covered. Gorgeous chape with twisted style end!

The most expensive non-bespoke daggers on Tod's website, with maximal upgrades seem to cost around 550 at the moment. If you add some more for the additional horn inlay, and then add some more for the silver plating and lacquering of all the fixtures, and then some more for hand covering the sheath (which is also double lined in leather) in the special velvet, and then some more for the belt, and some more for the studs and engraved-decorated belt buckle and chape and cast purse loops to the belt, and then some more for hand covering the belt in velvet and satin, I would expect the order, new, would come to around £800 to £900 today?

Therefore I am asking £500 including insured postage (its in london at the mo). If you take other items that I am currently selling (a sumptuous 15thC outer garment with shirt and also some HEMA stuff including a pair of regenyei feders and a brilliantly hacked SPES AP jacket, size 40/42-ish) it will make me the more amenable to a DEAL!
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